Still lifes and landscapes in the style of realism.

Oil paintings on canvas using the old masters technique.

Oil still lifes

Oil paintings in the genre of still life, written by me, can be viewed and purchased in this album. These works in the style of realism will become a harmonious decoration of the interior of an apartment, office or country house.


My paintings in this style are not strictly interpretations of photography or nature but create an illusion of reality which doesn’t really exist or is completely invisible in everyday life.

Фото кисти винограда в каплях воды


A beautiful landscape painted in oil on canvas will decorate any apartment or country house, create comfort and good mood for its owners.


Watching the creative process is no less interesting than admiring the finished product. In the blog, I will gradually post posts dedicated to the nuances of my creativity.

Still lifes and landscapes in the style of realism.

Painting and art photography.

Oil paintings on canvas using the old masters technique.

Art is not a luxury.

This is the great joy of life

her taste, her colors, her aroma …


The artist reflects the reality surrounding him, his thoughts and feelings through vivid images that appear in his paintings. When it is possible to combine imagination, craftsmanship, emotions and life philosophy in his work, a work of art appears, whether it be painting or photography.
Oil paintings on canvas or art photography, for me it is a way of expressing my feelings and perceiving the beauty of the world around me.

Pictures as works of art are a good investment of money, especially bought directly from the author, because the prices in the art market are growing quickly and steadily, and it is important for the author to get recognition in order to move on in his work.

Present an oil painting on canvas to a loved one or replenish your existing collection with new paintings.

Painting is a source of emotional energy, it is able to create comfort, calm, inspire, and set up a good mood. And to collect paintings and to feel involved in the world of art is a separate pleasure!

Classical still lifes, designed in the best traditions of the Dutch school of painting, small trompe l’oeilin the style of Count Fyodor Tolstoy, picturesque landscapes of russian nature – these are the main plots that can be found in thematic albums on the “Gallery of paintings” page.

You can buy my paintings right now on the site, without intermediaries and margins of galleries. At your request, you can immediately arrange delivery. You can pay for the picture and delivery directly from the site.

Photos, both staged and taken by me on numerous trips, are collected for you in thematic albums on the page “Art Photography”. They are very different, and reflect my attitude to the world around me, its fleeting and elusive beauty.