About me

Artist, photographer, videographer.

портрет художницы Юлии Кравченко

As a child, Iuliia Kravchenko enjoyed looking through the colorful multipage Hermitage Museum Guide Book, full of art reproductions from the renowned museum, and through her uncle’s sketchbook, archived in the family library. Those  vivid impressions of childhood, as well as her own progress in drawing, encouraged Iuliia’s desire to become an artist.

While a University student, Iuliia spent a lot of her spare time in the Hermitage and the Russian Museum. She was particularly inspired by the works of realism and the still-life paintings of the Dutch masters. Those paintings enraptured her with the thorough technique and the full perfection of the whole piece, as well as of each minor detail. They made her eager to paint equally realistic.

That was why Iuliia undertook an original training course in the Art Studio of L.V.Kuvayev with a special focus on ‘academic’ principles of realisticart and the painting technique of the old masters.

At the same time, Iuliia practices artistic photography. Her main passion is composing thematic still-lives. Sometimes, collecting items for those compositions takes months. It is deeply inspiring to see trivial items reveal their beauty highlighted by her photo or art.

Iuliia’s favorite masters are Pieter Claesz, Willem Claesz Heda and Count Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy.

Iuliia Kravchenko plans to collaborate with art galleries and participate in exhibitions. At present, she works in her own studio in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Member of the Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts.

The central theme of the works:

Genre realism, still life, landscape.

Artist’s statement:

My paintings celebrate sentimental value and evanescing beauty of ordinary things. Working at my easel, following traditions of the old masters, I feel inner peace and serenity.



2019—‘School of Photo-art’, St.Petersburg, Russia. Course by O.V.Sirozhenko.

2012-2017 — Art Studio of L.V.Kuvayev,  St.Petersburg, Russia.

2013 – Practical Master-class of Elena Bazanova on the technique of watercolor painting “Secrets of watercolor”. St.Petersburg, Russia.

1991-1997—St.Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design.



The author was included in the shortlist (final selection stage)of the international annual photo award 35 AWARDS 5th, which was attended by 117,451 photographers from 173 countries.  According to the results of the competition, Iuliia Kravchenko was included in the top 70 best photographers of the award in the category “Male portrait”. The work “Portrait of a son” was included in the top 300 best male portraits of the competition.


The artistic photo work ‘Chain Bridge in the Night Budapest’ was among top 3% at the thematic international photo contest ‘35awards: Night city’. Also the author was among top 4% photographers at the same contest.

The artistic photo work ‘Portrait of the Son’ was among top 3% of photos at the thematic International photo contest ‘35awards’. The author was among top 4% photographers.

The artistic photo work ‘Tea Grew Cool’ was among top 7% at the thematic international photo contest ‘35awards’.

The artistic photo work ‘Still-life with Apples and Pumpkin Plant Flowers’ was among top 11% at the thematic international photo contest ‘35awards’.


The artistic photo work ‘A Mermaid’s Smile’ was among top 15% at the thematic international photo contest‘35awards’. The author was among top 22% photographers.


2021 The painting “Still Life with Maple Leaves” entered the final of the online exhibition “In Search of Beauty”.  The exhibition is organized by the People & Paintings art gallery. The picture received the Popular Vote Award at this competition.

2021 The author’s work “Still Life with Maple Leaves” was published in the Winter Artist Showcase. Link: https://www.artsyshark.com/2021/01/22/artist-showcase-winter-2021/

 2020-2021 – International Museum and Exhibition Project. Classic & Modernity.

Russia-UK-USA. Organized by the Museum of the Association of Figures of Ethnography, Culture and Art together with the Company Ethno Art Fest with the support of Russian, British and American partners of the project. ON-LINE format.

2020 – International online Exhibition “Vernissage 2020” The competition was held on December 10-21, 2020 by the virtual art salon Art-Salon.ru on the website www.art-salon.ru.

2015-2017 — Personal exhibition.

Permanent exposition of the Iuliia’s works in the showroom of the interior design studio ‘Louchshiy Vybor’, St.Petersburg, Russia (full address: Bolshoi Prospect P.S., 80).