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Oil painting ‘Iris flower after rain’

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Materials: canvas, oil
Size: 30*40 cm
Gallery: Hyperrealism
Recommednations for care: Wipe off dust and avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
1 in stock


The velvet petals of fragrant garden irises are covered in crystal water droplets after a warm summer rain. For a few minutes, the colours are brighter and the fragrance of the flowers beckons with their slight hint of a stroll through the garden….


In the international competition “2021 AMERICAN ART AWARDS” this painting won the second prize in the category “Floral – not realistic”.

It is part of a series of 4 works under the same title. The entire series can be seen in the supplementary photo.
The year of creation is 2021.  The sides are painted, so it can be hung without a frame. The painting is ready to be hung on the wall. I painted the picture from life in my summer workshop. Flowers  from my own garden is a part of composition for this still life.

You can buy this still life as a ready gift for any holiday or celebration.

As time goes by, classical paintings become more and more expensive, so buying this painting is a good and promising investment in art. Still Life will be a valuable addition to your collection of paintings or a good start to it.

Please, note that colors you see on your screen may differ slightly from the actual ones on the picture.

This painting is a single copy. I enclose a certificate of authenticity in the Russian and English languages with each of my works. The picture is signed. The back shows the author’s name, size, materials, and year of creation.

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