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“Strawberries and calendula flowers” original artwork


Materials: gouache, paper, glass, frame
Size: 28*38 cm
Gallery: Different paintings
Dimensions: 55 × 10 × 45 cm
Weight: 1.5 kg


The painting is in a private collection.

Unique colorful gouache drawing, part of a series of 6 paintings. 2010.

Professional painting in the style of realism or hyperrealism.
Very detailed original realistic painting.
Museum-quality artwork.
My paintings are original artworks for sale, made in a single copy.

Flowers and strawberries from my own garden is a part of composition for this still life. Strawberries is a very picturesque and colorful berry.
In this work, I want to show the fleeting of beauty of ordinary things.
The painting is drawn from nature during several sessions.

You can see other paintings of this series in the album “Gouaches in the style of Count Fyodor Tolstoy”.


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