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Oil painting “Bouquet of peonies in the old house”

630 $
Materials: oil paints, canvas on a stretcher, protective varnish
Size: 60*50 cm.
Gallery: Oil still lifes
Recommednations for care: Wipe off dust, avoid waterlogging and direct sunlight.
in stock


The soft scent of freshly cut peonies on a warm summer morning. Heart-warming trinkets from childhood and grandmother’s handicrafts. An open book and delicious biscuits as an invitation to stay longer…

The painting «Bouquet of Peonies in the Old House» is a search for beautiful memories of my early childhood. When I was young and visited my grandmother, every item in her house seemed special and a magical treasure. Many years have passed since then. But I still, when I see vintage pieces, look for that delightful sense of beauty and the charm of family memorabilia in them.


The work was created in 2021 with oil paints on canvas. The sides are painted, allowing the painting to be displayed without a frame and used as decoration in contemporary interiors. The painting is ready to hang on the wall. I painted the picture from life in my summer workshop. I used flowers from my garden to create the composition.

You can purchase this still life as a ready-made gift for any holiday or celebration. You can give it as a gift for a housewarming party, anniversary, birthday or just as a nice gift to yourself. Painted in oil painting technique will be kept for centuries, will not lose its artistic properties and will delight you for years to come.

As time goes by, classical paintings become more and more expensive, so buying this painting is a good and promising investment in art. Realistic Still Life will be a valuable addition to your collection of paintings or a good start to it.

Please note that the colours on the picture on your monitor may differ slightly from the colours on the wall of your home. By individual arrangement I can arrange for you to view this and other paintings of mine in St Petersburg.

I can arrange delivery of the painting by postal service of Russia or by courier. Thorough packing for shipping as a gift!

This painting is a single copy. I enclose a certificate of authenticity to each of my works in Russian and English.

If you have any questions or want a discount, email me and we’ll agree!

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