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“Foreign shores” original artwork


Materials: oil paints, canvas on a stretcher, baguette frame.
Size: 50*40 cm - the size of the picture without a frame, 56*45 cm - the size of the picture with a frame.
Gallery: Landscapes
Recommednations for care: Wipe off the dust. Do not allow overheating, direct sunlight, waterlogging.


Professional oil painting on canvas in the style of realism or hyperrealism. 2013.

Very detailed original realistic painting.

Museum-quality artwork.

I use the technique of old masters.

My paintings are original artworks for sale, made in a single copy.

The picture is framed and ready for hanging on the wall. Size with frame: 56*46 cm. It is possible to sell painting without frame at a discount.

This work is suitable for the dining room or for the kitchen. It also looks good in the hall or living room. Due to the careful drawing of details it looks good both from the close distance and in a large space.

The picture is signed. The back shows the author’s name, size, materials, and year of creation in Russian.

Add a picture of a Russian artist to your collection!

Please, note that colors you see on your screen may differ slightly from the actual ones on the picture.

Contact me and we discuss the sale conditions!

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