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“The color of my mood is irises” , original artwork

922 $
Materials: oil paints, canvas on a stretcher
Size: 60*50 cm.
Gallery: Oil still lifes
Recommednations for care: Wipe off dust with a damp cloth, avoid waterlogging and direct sunlight.
Dimensions: 70 × 10 × 60 cm
Weight: 1.9 kg
in stock


Souvenirs from trips and lovely feminine little things. Blue irises cut from the garden and rock crystal beads. A Murano glass vase from Venice, a mirror from Prague, a pair of caskets bought in souvenir shops by the warm sea as a reminder of a past holiday…


The painting is part of the International Museum and Exhibition Project: “CLASIC AND MODERNITY”. Russia – Great Britain – USA. Organised by the Museum of the Association of Ethnographers, Culture and Art in cooperation with Ethno Art Fest with the support of the project’s Russian, British and American partners.


This work is in oil paint on canvas with a stretcher. The sides of the painting have been stained, allowing it to be displayed without a frame. This version of the painting would be perfect for modern interiors. If framed, it would fit perfectly into any classic interior. That makes it a universal addition to your home.

The style is hyper-realistic. The scale of the subjects depicted is magnified. The variety of subjects on the painting draws your eye and makes it possible to spend a long time examining the image on the canvas. The details of the objects in the picture are painted thoroughly with observance of the colouring and the whole composition. The main colours in the painting are blue and orange-yellow. Yellow is associated with the sun, warmth and light, as well as gold and luxury. The blue colour sets you in the mood for deep reflection and is associated with the colour of the sky.

The process of creating a picture (fragments) on video:

The picture is signed. The back shows the author’s name, size, materials, and year of creation in Russian.
Add a picture of a Russian artist to your collection!
Please, note that colors you see on your screen may differ slightly from the actual ones on the picture.

This painting is a single copy. I enclose a certificate of authenticity in Russian and English with each of my works.

Contact me and we discuss the sale conditions!

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