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Oil painting on canvas “Red currant on a sunny day.

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Materials: oil on canvas
Size: 40*30*4 cm
Gallery: Hyperrealism, Oil still lifes
Recommednations for care: Wipe off dust, avoid sunlight.
1 in stock


The red currant berries sparkle in the sun like gemstones. This picture will remind you of summer and create a sunny mood. Fill your house with the energy of summer!

This picture is a great idea for a gift for any occasion.

The painting is painted in oil on canvas in 2022. Canvas with wide sides ( 3D canvas). The sides are painted, that is an extension of the painting, which allows you to hang the picture without a frame. Made suspension for attaching to the wall. The dimensions of the work – 40*30*4 cm.
The picture is painted as a single copy. I enclose a certificate of conformity in Russian and English with each of my works.

If you have any questions – write to me and I will answer them!


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