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Oil Painting on Canvas “Curious Puppy”

217 $

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Materials: oil on canvas
Size: 30*24 cm
Gallery: Different paintings
Recommednations for care: Wipe off dust, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
1 in stock


A cute Labrador Retriever puppy in front of a green lawn. He’s only a month and a half old, and he’s learning so much about the big and varied world around him.

It’s a great story for a child’s room. There is another work in this plot, they can be hung side by side. If you buy two works at once – a 20% discount. Painted in oil on canvas, size 30*24 cm, 2022. The ends are painted, which allows you to expose the picture without a frame. Made suspension, the work is ready to be placed on the wall.

The painting was painted as a single copy in 2022. I enclose a certificate of conformity in Russian and English with each of my paintings.

By individual arrangement I can organize the viewing of this and other works in my studio in St.-Petersburg.

I am ready to carefully pack the work and arrange delivery by CDEK, DPD, Boxberry and Russian Post anywhere they deliver.

If you have any questions – write to me and I will answer them!

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