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“Sunset in the swamp” original artwork

363 $
Materials: Canvas on a stretcher, oil paints. Baguette frame.
Size: 30*40 cm - size without frame, 34*44 cm - size with frame.
Gallery: Landscapes
Recommednations for care: Wipe off dust with a damp cloth, avoid waterlogging and direct sunlight.
in stock


The painting was painted in 2015 with oil paints on a canvas of 30 * 40 cm with a stretcher. Covered with a protective layer of varnish. Framed in a baguette frame. The price is shown with the frame. It is possible to sell without a frame at a discount.

Perfect for decorating any room: bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc.
A universal gift for any holiday or occasion,

Written under the impression of the beauty of nature Leningrad region.

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