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Replica of the painting by F. Tolstoy “red and white currant berries”.


Materials: gouache, hand-tinted paper
Size: 23*30 см
Gallery: Different paintings


The painting is in a private collection.

This work is a replica of the famous painting by count Fyodor Tolstoy, written in gouache on tinted paper in 2009.

The count presented his painting “red and white currant Berries” to the wife of Emperor Alexander I. the Empress liked the still Life so much that she gave the artist a diamond ring from her own hand.

When the Empress Elizabeth  wanted to make another gift to her high-ranking guests, she ordered another “Currant” to count Fyodor Tolstoy. And for each such picture, he received another ring.

The artist later recalled this : “it Is not a joke to say that the whole family ate one currant.”

Very detailed original realistic painting.

Hyperrealism or photorealism style.

Museum-quality artwork.

The replica is in the private collection of Radziwill A.P.

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