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“Sunshine Tea with Jasmine,” large size painting.

900 $

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Materials: oil on canvas
Size: 50*100 cm
Gallery: Hyperrealism
Recommednations for care: Wipe off dust, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight.
1 in stock


A warm summer morning. The sun floods all the space around, plays with the glare in a cup of fragrant strong tea… The smell of blossoming jasmine with a subtle hint calls to go for a walk…

Technical description

  • Oil painting on canvas with stretcher. Unusual size: 50×100 cm.
    The sides of the canvas are painted, which allows you to hang the picture without a frame. It can be hung on the wall in horizontal position.
    Composition allows you to hang painting both horizontally and vertically.
    Careful multilayer packing for shipping as a gift.
    You can buy the painting with shipping right now in my store at Livemaster.com

Tips and Tricks:

You can buy large size paintings for the Living Room, Dining Room or Hall. This still life is written from an unusual angle with detailed detail of the subject, the scale of the objects is enlarged, i.e. the style of the painting is hyper-realism or photorealism.

Such a picture will be a vivid and unusual accent of your interior.  This is an original oil painting, made in my summer workshop from life, in a single copy. Painting “Sunshine tea with jasmine” will be a wonderful continuation of your collection of paintings or the beginning of it.

If there are any questions about buying or co-operation – write to me and I will answer.

My telegram: @Julia_art2019

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@artsalepro

DZEN channel: https://dzen.ru/artsale

My TenChat page: https://tenchat.ru/Juliaart

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