Painting in the realism.

Painting allows to see things

as they were once upon a time,

when they were looked at with passion

Paul Valéry

Oil painting on canvas has always been something special for me, allowing me to immerse myself in another reality, full of bright colors, beautiful things, associations and emotions.

Realism still lifes and landscapes are my favorite painting genres. In my paintings, I try to reveal and emphasize the beauty of ordinary things, the fleeting charm of the familiar in our lives.“Still lifes in oil”, “Landscapes” – pages of the site where you can see and buy paintings in these genres.

I discovered the creativeworks of Count Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy relatively recently – after this a series of gouaches in the style of “Trompley” (French trompe-l ‘; il, “optical illusion”) or “Deception” appeared. Objects are painted on them so carefully that the images can be viewed from a very close distance.

The paintings in this series are decorated in a single style in a baguette under glass, which makes it possible to harmoniously decorate the room with several works. On this site you can buy my paintings from a series in the style of Count F. Tolstoy, replicas of his works: “Berries of red and white currants”, “Grapes”, “Raspberry branch, butterfly and ant”.

For most of my life I combined a passion for painting with work that brings more income. A few years ago, I started my life on a clean page, left my prestigious position and devoted myself completely to painting and art photography.