Hyperrealism or Superrealism is a movement in painting, drawing and sculpture in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, characterised by maximum realistic authenticity of artistic images.

Contemporary pictures in the genre of hyperrealism are based on aesthetic principles of photorealism, but unlike the latter, do not aspire to literally copy the everyday reality. There is a great attention to detail and objects in hyperrealistic works.
My paintings in this style are not strictly interpretations of photography or nature but create an illusion of reality which doesn’t really exist or is completely invisible in everyday life.
In my oil paintings on canvas I try to capture the fleeting beauty and emotional value of the environment, drawing extra attention to it with hyper-realistic expressive techniques such as flawless surface textures, shadow manipulation and light effects.
Themes vary from portraits, still lifes, landscapes, nature and urban scenes as well as figurative works.
Hyper-realistic images are often several times larger than the original prototype (nature) but retain an extremely high resolution of colour and detail.
Contemporary hyperrealism does not literally copy reality, but creates the illusion of this reality by carefully and meticulously painting objects, scenes, fine details, thus becoming a type of contemporary art.