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Still lifes in oil on canvas in the style of realism.

You can see and buy oil paintings in the still life genre panted by me in this album. These works in the realism will become a harmonious decoration of the interior of an apartment, office or country house.

Oil paintings on canvas are a profitable investment in art objects, because painting over time tends to rise in price. On my site you can buy a first-hand painting, avoiding the exorbitant margins of intermediaries and art galleries.The themes of still lifes are the author’s productions in a personal studio, which I made in oil on canvas in a single copy.

These are still lifes with fruits, beautiful dishes, draperies, as well as images of flowers and plants made in the technique of old masters, stylized as Dutch painting of the 17th century.

When creating the painting, I use the grisaille underpainting using the liquid oil technique. This technique has been known to masters of painting since the Middle Ages and allows you to work out the tonal component of the composition with high quality. Further work with color is painting using careful drying of layers and adherence to oil painting technology.

Each oil painting is covered with a protective layer of varnish. Part of the work is framed in a baguette.

On the Blog page, you can watch a video of the phased creation of my last still lifes.You can look at any picture in detail on the site, there are presented photos of my works in high resolution with details on some photos.

Viewing pictures at a personal meeting is possible in St. Petersburg after an individual agreement with me.

Delivery of paintings is possible and described in detail on the page “Delivery”.