My new photo entries in the thematic 35AWARDS photo awards in 2020

In 2020, I actively participated in the thematic Photo Contests of the international 35AWARDS award. This is a very prestigious international competition for photographers. There is serious competition and a strict selection process.

I am very happy that my photo “Panorama Gudauri. Georgia” made it to the top 9% of the best photos in the thematic competition “Autumn Landscape”. After all, there were more than 15000 photos submitted for the competition!

фото Грузия,

I also managed to enter the Winter Landscape themed competition at the end of 2020. My photo ‘Snowfall on the Lake’ was in the top 4% of 19268 photos. This is very prestigious for me!

художественная фотография в жанре пейзаж "Снегопад на озере"

You can view my other artistic photos in the “Landscapes” themed album on my website.

The participant of the thematic contest 35AWARDS: Skyscrapers. According to the results of the main voting work “Marina Bay Sands hotel at night” entered the TOP 8% best photos of the contest. Also, the author entered the TOP 7% best photographers. A total of 2502 people from 107 countries and 808 cities took part. In total, 5629 photographs were submitted for the competition.

фото Сингапура,

You can see a lot of photos from the trips in the thematic album “Travel”