Popular Vote Award in the “Renewal” competition on the “People & Paintings” gallery website. 2021.

My oil painting “Grapes after Rain and Butterfly” was included in the finals of the online painting exhibition “In Search of Beauty” and won the Audience Award by a vote.  The exhibition was organised by the “People & Paintings” Art Gallery.

A ripe, juicy bunch of grapes covered in drops after a short, warm summer rain.  These berries still smell of sunshine and sparkle with water droplets like the greatest jewel. What could be better than a sun-drenched glass of freshly squeezed grape juice or young wine, with a slice of cheese or walnuts?

картина маслом "Виноград после дождя и бабочка"

You can buy this work with delivery in my shop at livemaster.com

You can buy this work with delivery in my shop at Saatchi Art.

My picture won the Popular Vote Award at this competition, becoming the best in this category among the 20 finalist works. I am very happy to be successful at such a prestigious event and receive a cash prize!

Приз зрительских симпатий ,лия Кравченко