Popular Vote Award. “People & Paintings” gallery. 2021.

My painting “Still Life with maple leaves” was included in the final of the online exhibition “In search of beauty”. The exhibition is organized by the famous New York art gallery “People & Paintings”.

In my youth, I was fascinated by the beauty and craftsmanship of Flemish and Dutch still lives. The painting “Still Life with maple leaves” is an attempt to reread the old masters’ traditions of creating harmonious compositions. It is a search for picturesque combinations and beauty in everyday objects.

This still life was painted from life in my summer studio. I used the technique of the old masters. More information about this work can be found on the page of the painting “Still Life with maple leaves”.

картина "Натюрмор т с кленовыми листьями"

Here you can watch a video about the stages and process of creating the painting ” Still Life with maple leaves”:


My picture won the Popular Vote Award at this competition, becoming the best in this category among the 20 finalist works. I am very happy to be successful at such a prestigious event and receive a cash prize!

Сертификат приз зрительских симпатий в конкурсе "В поисках красоты", Юлия Кравченко

сертификат финалиста Юлии Кравченко на конкурсе "В поисках красоты"