I’m not a big expert in the field of painting, but when I see Iuliia’s work on the wall at home, I’m happy. that there is an opportunity to admire such beauty!

Alexey Khovanov, honorary Consul of the Republic of Guatemala in Saint Petersburg.

Fantastically selected color of irises, which is the key spot of the composition.

Good luck You in the work, the final should be exceptional!

Natalia Pashkevich

The site is very easy to navigate, everything works well. Oil still lifes are a special love and admiration!

From the photos, I give special preference to landscapes. Yulia is very talented and hardworking, I would like to wish recognition of beauty lovers and further development. For me, as a person who absolutely does not know how to draw, it is just a miracle and mysticism when people have a professional brush!

Marina Melnikova

If the soul wants to rest, look at the works of Yulia Kravchenko. If you want to think-look at the work of Yulia Kravchenko. I watched the works together with my grandchildren — artistic taste should be brought up from childhood. In the absence of museums in our life now, the artist’s work is a real gift. Photos open up a world where beauty and harmony reign, and Paintings remind us of the Eternal. Thanks!

Nina Filippova

I have known the artist Yulia Kravchenko for 17 years. All this time I watch as she selects the plot, works out the details, carefully selects high-quality materials. Then the finished version appears.

I like to look at works and rediscover the beauty of things. After viewing, there is a sense of harmony and calm.

I have her work in my collection and I am happy with it.

Elena Lysenko

Recently, I accidentally visited a closed exhibition of Yulia. Charmed by the artist and her bright talent!

Most of all, I was impressed by the exquisite works in the style of count Fyodor Tolstoy. I also remember still lifes on a dark background.

I wish further creative success to the artist!

Svetlana Vasilevskaya

In the modern world, full of experiments in all areas of human activity, including art, the eye gratefully rests on the works of Yulia Kravchenko. The richness of the color scheme, honed technique and classic themes of her works make them a win-win choice for creating a noble interior, designed in the most refined style.

Maxim K.

Yulia Kravchenko’s works in the manner of old masters immerse us in a graceful world full of beauty, harmony and tranquility.

Especially impressive is the artist’s inherent command of composition and impeccable transfer of the finest nuances of color and forms. I want to look at these works again and again!

Larisa Piratinskaya

“Still life with melon” 2016, oil.

When you enter the room where this picture hangs, you can’t help but smile. Everyone smiles, regardless of their mood. The smell of fresh lilac seems to be in the air, and the smell of melon you want to guess. Real art can change a person’s condition!
George sand wrote: “what is art? It is a skill and a skill.”
Yulia Kravchenko writes both in oil and watercolors-accurately, in detail, professionally. She’s a realist. You can just love her paintings! And they are very good in our modern interiors. Realizing what a huge effort is behind all this, I want to wish the artist success, recognition, and love of the audience!

Anna Radziwill, Academician of the Petrovskaya Academy of Sciences and Arts

I really liked both photography and painting. I want to look at them again and again… from the works of gouache especially like “Clover”, “Cucumbers”, from painting still lifes are impressive, there is a breath of life. From landscapes especially like “Forest road in autumn”, “Courtyard” touches the soul … thank you!!!

Nina Sivkova

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