Certificates of authenticity for each of my paintings!

сертификаты качества к картине художника Юлии Кравченко.

A certificate of authenticity for a painting is an integral part of the documents that are required when selling a work of art.

Starting from 2021, each of my paintings is accompanied by such a certificate in Russian and English when selling. My works for sale can be viewed in the “Gallery of Paintings” section of the website.

Let’s figure out why it is needed and what information it should include:

The certificate records the artist’s copyright and the author’s right to photo images of his painting, which is especially important when selling reproductions of an artistic work. It is transferred from one owner of the painting to the next when the painting is resold.

The certificate of authenticity is issued by the author of the work. It significantly increases the value of an artistic work or reproduction. Certificates of authenticity for the painting are certified by the artist’s autograph and sometimes his personal seal. The author’s signature itself is often a valuable and collectible item.

Each document contains complete information about the picture: photo pictures, name, material, dimensions, year, country and place of creation. The number of copyright copies, if any, is also indicated, and if reproductions were printed from the picture, the number of reproductions issued is also indicated.

Each document contains the name and surname of the author, as well as his contact information. On my certificate, you will find the address of my personal website, my e-mail, phone number for communication and a QR code with all links to my pages in social networks on other Internet resources.

Each Certificate of authenticity must have end-to-end numbering and its own unique number. Data about these numbers is stored in the artist’s registry.

Certificates of authenticity for a work of art are sometimes called the French word – provenance. In art, this term is used to preserve information about the history of ownership of a painting and means a source that proves the origin of the object. If the painting is sold for the first time, then provenance acts as a quality certificate. A certificate of authenticity is needed if the work is bought as a gift or its subsequent resale is planned. Provenance over time will not only raise the investment value of the painting, but also become a confirmation of its authenticity and originality. Therefore, I recommend that you have a certificate of authenticity for every work of art in your collection.

In any case, such a document will be a pleasant addition when buying a work of art.

If you still have questions about the certificates for my works, please write to me.