Video fragments of work on the painting “Mood Color-Irises”, 2020.

Still life oil on canvas “Mood color-irises”, video fragments of work on the work.

The process of creating a picture. The author is an artist and photographer Iuliia Kravchenko.

I painted this still life from life in my summer studio. I cut irises in my garden. The items in the production are souvenirs brought from different trips. For example, I bought a vase in Italy, on the island of Murano. The mirror came with me from Prague, and the box with the crystal lid came from the Arab Emirates. All the objects in this still life are associated with pleasant memories of traveling around the world.

Photos from these trips can be viewed in the “Travel photos” section of the website.

The work was painted in oil paints on canvas with a stretcher in 2020. When working on the painting, I used a grisaille-style undercoat. This is shown in detail at the beginning of the video. I worked on this painting for more than 50 hours, with breaks to dry the layers.

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