Video about the process of creating the picture “Grapes after the rain and a butterfly.

Another entertaining video on “how I do it” or the process of creating the painting “Grapes after the rain and a butterfly”.
The 5-minute video contained more than 80 hours of work over three months (with breaks for drying the layers).


A ripe, juicy bunch of grapes are all drippy after a short, warm summer rain.  These berries still smell of sunshine and sparkle with water droplets like the greatest jewel of all. What could be better than a sun-drenched glass of freshly squeezed grape juice or young wine, with a slice of cheese or walnuts?


The painting “Grapes after Rain and a Butterfly” made it into the semi-finals of the competition at SWISSARTEXPO 2021 in Zurich, Switzerland.

The work also won the Audience Award at the People & Paintings Gallery’s ‘Renewal’ exhibition in 2021.

In the international competition “2021 AMERICAN ART AWARDS” the painting won first prize in the category “Still Life – Impressionism”.

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