Video. The process of creating the painting “Still Life with maple leaves”, 2020.

Still lifes in the style of realism, photorealism or hyperrealism – my favorite genre in painting. Most recently, in 2020, I finished a large work measuring 90 by 70 cm – “Still life with maple leaves”.

In the composition of this still life, I used pumpkins and chokeberry grown in my garden. I wanted to convey in this picture a bright, orange-red color of maple leaves and pumpkins, emphasized by the depth of the dark background. The most difficult subject in the production was a ripe sunflower. Rows of its seeds form a clear geometric structure, which was quite laborious to draw.

In this work, I used a sub-daub-grisaille in the technique of liquid oil as an analysis of the composition in tone. This underpainting is useful for further work in color. For grisaille, I used oil and burnt umber.

On the dried layer of grisaille, working with color is easier and faster. Here I used various techniques of working with oil paints: pumpkins painted pasty, each in one step. Some of the objects of still life, such as sunflower or basket, I wrote a multi-layered, using the technique of glazing.

I spent a little more than 3 months making the picture, with a break for drying the layers. When the painting was completely dry, I covered it with a protective layer of varnish.

Please note that on the computer screen, the painting looks a little different than in the original. If you are interested in working with me, or are thinking of purchasing my paintings, write to me in the “Contacts” section, and we will arrange a personal viewing of my works in my Studio.

Watch the process of creating a picture from beginning to end in this 7-minute video:

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